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I had the good fortune to find out about the North Florida Poetry Hub this year.  Being a member of this chapter has brightened up a difficult year.  Our chapter president offered a warm welcome to me, and then to two poet friends of mine.  The online zoom meetings give us a chance to share our writings and hear others do the same.  Guest speakers encourage us to keep creating and sharing.  ~ Sally Wahl-Constain


North Florida Poetry Hub has given me a purpose in life. I was looking for a local chapter of the Florida State Poets Association to join, and when Steffani Fletcher of Hope At Hand organized North Florida Poetry Hub I signed up under her charter right away! Since then it has been a wonderful four years of continued personal and professional growth. I enjoy working with all the awesome people involved in this great organization from State to the local levels and have made many great friends along the way. ~ Ruth Van Alstine, Jacksonville, Florida


The North Florida Poetry Hub has rekindled my love for poetry again! I continue to learn new things from each workshop and meeting. Ruth Van Alstine, President, has a real love for the craft and her expertise spills over to all who are involved. I am so happy to be a part of North Florida Poetry Hub and I am looking forward to the next meeting! 

—Nuala Molloy Moran


"The NFPH gatherings have given me the impetus to experiment in a variety of different writing styles, especially in these most un-motivating of times!. The friendly but honest feedback is welcome and useful. I will soon become a member." -- Chris Kastle, St Augustine, Florida


"North Florida Poetry Hub is a great resource for writers and poetry lovers of all kinds.  They offer a variety of workshops to enhance your skills and offer a friendly, supportive atmosphere for both new and experienced authors.  Kudos to Ruth - The Florida Poetry Fairy - and her partners for all they do to advance the art of poetry throughout our local communities."   ~ Loretta M. Leto, Poet and PAM Jam Coordinator


If you have had a great experience with North Florida Poetry Hub, we would love you to share that with us and our visitors! If you have a concern, please use our "Contact Us" form and we will get back with you as soon as possible and help you to the best of our ability!  Have an awesome day!

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Interested in becoming a member or simply have questions about North Florida Poetry Hub? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

North Florida Poetry Hub
C/O Hope At Hand
3886 Atlantic Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32207


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Our Sponsors

North Florida Poetry Hub is a chapter of the Florida State Poets Association and was created by the local nonprofit Hope at Hand, Inc. to support and help the arts flourish for poets, writers and lovers of all things poetic and artistic in the North Florida region.

POETRY. WELLNESS. HOPE ~  Hope At Hand is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides art and poetry sessions to vulnerable and at-risk youth populations. Using creativity, language, art and therapeutic approaches, we facilitate healing and personal growth for children and adolescents.

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