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~ 100,000 Poets For Change Celebration ~ 

"Use our words for Peace, Justice to Effect Positive Change"

​ The 100 Thousand Poets for Change organization hosts an annual celebration uniting poets, musicians, and artists around the world in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace, sustainability, and justice, and to call for serious social, environmental, and political change through their voices, actions, and art.  

North Florida Poetry Hub has joined with this organization and hosted its own events and projects since 2020 with online and in-person Open Mics and Open Calls to Poets, Musicians and Artists (PMA), with the creation of artistic 100 Thousand Poets for Change themed multimedia Videos throughout the month of September in 2021 and 2022, which are permanently displayed on our chapter YouTube channel.

These materials are also shared with the 100 Thousand Poets for Change organization, which forwards the recordings to Florida State and Stanford Universities to be archived for posterity as a historical event that merits preservation.  2023 will be our fourth year participating in this awesome worldwide global event! Follow all the exciting events here on this webpage!

~ 100,000 Poets For Change In Person Open Mic ~ September 9, 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida

Join us at the SouthEast Regional Library 2 - 4 PM for a live Open Mic event with A Gathering of Poets for an in-person Open Mic Poetry Reading (1:30 - 2 pm signup sheet.)

Protest/Activist Poetry Workshop with Howard Moon ~ September 2, 2023

Howard Moon is a poet, author, and speaker, having been a broadcaster and professional writer during his long career. In his retirement, he continues to write essays, non-fiction, fiction, flash fiction and award-winning poetry.  He is particularly well known for his protest and activism poetry and has been a guest speaker with North Florida Poetry Hub on several occasions.   Howard has written over six books of fiction and poetry, all of which are available on

In 2012 and 2019 he suffered a stroke/brain injury with partial loss of vision in his left eye, which left him disabled and with residual mental illness. He shares his story with others through his writings and poetry and is known as the “half-blind poet”. 


Howard’s grandfather was born on a Fox reservation and Howard identifies as Native BIPOC. His book, White Fox, is a collection of Native American poetry. Howard does speaking engagements on the importance of Telling Your Story, being part Native and part White, living with mental illness and disability and related issues to those. He also performs poetry readings.

This poetry workshop was held September 2nd and is about how to write protest and activism poetry led by Howard. There are writing prompts and a look at leading protest poets and Howard’s own viewpoint of how to write this unique poetry form. 

Third Annual International 100K Poets for Change Open Mic
hosted by North Florida Poetry Hub

September 30, 2023 3-4 PM EST

This is a recording of North Florida Poetry Hub’s third annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change virtual Open Mic event held on September 30, 2023.  100 Thousand Poets for Change is an organization co-founded by Terry Carrion and the late Michale Rothenburg in 2011.  Their mission is to unite poets, musicians, artists, and activists together each September to create, perform, and demonstrate simultaneously in communities around the world, to call attention to important issues such as the environment, wars, violation of human rights, racism, gender inequality, homelessness, police brutality, and poverty, just to name a few, and by doing so, effect positive change in our world.

September 30th is the designated Global event for this movement and thousands of poets, artists, and musicians are participating in demonstrations and events, both live and virtual around the world. These events will be documented and preserved by 100 Thousand Poets for change and by Stanford and Florida State Universities as a part of their permanent archives, having been deemed a historical event worthy of being preserved for future generations.


We would like to thank all the participants in this very special annual open mic. 



1.    Sally Wahl-Constain
2.    Suzanne Austin-Hill
3.    Mehmet Güneş
4.    Chris Kastle
5.    M.A. Hastings

6.    Laura Dill
7.  Patricia Krause
Donald Lubin

9.  Sipra Roy
10.  Paula Babadi

11.  Lisa Berger
Shambhavi Khanna

13.  Diane Rabideau-Wise

14.  Ruth Van Alstine

North Florida Poetry Hub Poets taped poetry readings for children, which are now completed and up on the North Florida Poetry Hub YouTube channel, the link is being distributed to teachers, librarians, and other interested groups for children’s viewing during September 2021 as part of the 100 Thousand Poets 4 Change Read-A-Poem-To-A-Child initiative. 
We want to thank the poets who participated in this program:  Shutta Crum, Chris Kastle (for her amazing sing-along song), Sally Constain, Mehmet Gunes and Sharon Scholl. The video was wrapped up with a quick “write your own poem” lesson by Ruth Van Alstine.  Thank you for making all this possible!


Our Sponsor

North Florida Poetry Hub is a chapter of the Florida State Poets Association and was created by the local nonprofit Hope at Hand, Inc. to support and help the arts flourish for poets, writers and lovers of all things poetic and artistic in the North Florida region.

POETRY. WELLNESS. HOPE ~  Hope At Hand is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides art and poetry sessions to vulnerable and at-risk youth populations. Using creativity, language, art and therapeutic approaches, we facilitate healing and personal growth for children and adolescents.

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