Creator of The Poet's Pen Project & Author of The Poet's Pen Volume 1~

A Limited Edition Series "Zine" 


One of our North Florida Poetry Hub members, Ruth Van Alstine, has been writing poetry since a young age and writing poetry for the past thirty-five years and more recently branching out into memoirs and stories. She also has recently begun exploring the creation of multimedia and abstract artwork with complimentary ekphratic writings.

She has published three books of poetry Fairies and Fantasies in 1996, Shattered Moonbeams in 2016, and A While Away, a numbered, limited edition small run of 100 copies, released in March of 2021 in honor of National Poetry Month, and has published many small zines. She has been published nationally and internationally, a few of which include The Parnassus of World Poets Anthology in Bombay, India, An Anthology in Memoriam 1999 by Bristol Banner Books, five separate anthologies of Cadence, and (a) River Rising Blooms. She published the very first edition of North Florida Poetry Hub's publishing project of limited edition books, "Poet's Pen Volume 1". 

 She is also a member of the Ancient City Poets of St. Augustine, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Florida State Poets Association, and President of the North Florida Poetry Hub and is an active participant in Women Writing for (a) Change in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2016 she established Rising Moon Press and works individually with the poets of North Florida Poetry Hub to publish “The Poet’s Pen” and with other authors on various projects. Rising Moon Press specializes in unique, small volumes of handmade limited-edition chapbooks and Zines.



The Poet's Pen Volume 2 ~ "Out & About"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book


An accomplished Poet, writer, and songwriter joins us at North Florida Poetry Hub, Nuala Molloy Moran.  Visit her website "Pennydanger" to read some of her beautiful poetry.   From Nuala's words; "I'm a Poet, Writer, Artist. I grew up loving words and poetry. I like to write on a variety of subjects."  She also enjoys writing lyrics, taking photos, and creating art.

 Her lighthearted collection of poetry, “Lyrical Liaison’s” was published in 2007.  One of her poems, "For The Victims & Their Loved Ones”, inspired by the tragedy of September 11th, was featured in the Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale, 2011 in a special 10th Anniversary Edition the newspaper published.

In December 2020 Nuala's second book of poetry was published, "Out & About", which is a limited edition Volume 2 of "The Poet's Pen", a special publishing project supported by North Florida Poetry Hub for it's members and in collaboration with Rising Moon Press, it's publisher and editor. 



The Poet's Pen Volume 3 ~  "Murmurations"

A Limited Edition Series "Zine"


Author. Storyteller. Keynote Speaker. Educator.

Shutta Crum is an award-winning poet and children’s book writer and, also, an oft-requested speaker and presenter at writing conferences, libraries and schools. She is the author of a well-reviewed chapbook titled: WHEN YOU GET HERE (Kelsay Books, 2020). In addition, her poems for adults have appeared in numerous small press publications and literary journals since the 1970s. That includes Ann Arbor (W)rites, The Wayne Literary Review, The Huron River Review, Writers Reading at Sweetwaters, Current Magazine, Driftwood, Stoneboat Literary, Typehouse, Blue Mountain Review, CultureCult, Redshift 4, Orchards Poetry Journal, Better Than Starbucks, Nostos, Southern Poetry Review, ArtAscent. As well, a number of her poems appear in the AAR2 (the online version of the Ann Arbor Review).

She is also the author of thirteen picture books and three novels for young readers, all published by major publishers: Alfred A. Knopf, Clarion/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Albert Whitman, and Fitzhenry & Whiteside. In 2005 she was invited to read at the White House, and in 2010 toured Japan presenting to the students of the Dept. of Defense schools.

Shutta is always delighted about what poetry can bring to one’s life. It was through poetry that she met her husband when he was a co-editor of the Ann Arbor Review. When they married he brought with him his two children. Now, those children have given her grandchildren. “Poetry has shaped my whole life,” she says. “When I look at those grandchildren, I see poetry.”

Contact Shutta at:  Website ~ www.shutta.com , Facebook ~ www.facebook.com/Shuttacrum , Twitter ~ @Shutta, Instagram ~ www.instagram.com/Shuttacrum 



The Poet's Pen Volume 4 ~  "Breakfast Poems"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book


Howard Moon, a retired broadcaster and professional writer having been a columnist for the Ocala Star Banner and other publications.  He is of Native heritage and lives in central Florida, spending his time writing poetry and flash fiction.  Visit his Website at:  www.halfblindpoet.com   

Howard has published four books:

Poems from A Shattered Brain – Living With Mental Illness,

White Fox – A Collection of Native American Poetry

Zombies Are Not Vegetarians

Outside Looking In

His latest release: 

"Breakfast Poems", one of the North Florida Poetry Hub "Poet's Pen Project Limited Edition series was released in September, 2021 and is available in his Etsy shop.

Books Are Available on Amazon - Click Here To Purchase:



The Poet's Pen Volume 5 ~  "Autumn Again"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book


Sally Wahl Constain of Ponte Vedra is a valuable member of our chapter here at North Florida Poetry Hub.  She is an accomplished author and poet. Her background is that of an elementary school teacher and librarian in New York City for more than 30 years. She is also a valued member of the local literary scene, holding the position of president of the Writers Group at Del Webb, Ponte Vedra for the past three years, is a published author of several books to include "The Keys to Fanny", a work of historical fiction, a poetry chapbook, "Sometimes I Wonder", and her latest book released this past October, 2019 "Random Reflections", an anthology of essays and poems.



The Poet's Pen Volume 6 ~  "Holy Longings"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book





The Poet's Pen Volume 7 ~  "-----"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book


Chris Kastle is an award-winning singer, storyteller, songsmith, author, artist and educator from St. Augustine, Florida.  Chris was presented with the Annette J. Bruce Lifetime Achievement Award by the Florida Storytelling Association and is the author of the critically acclaimed book of short stories, “From the Icy Fingers of the Deep,” as well as three CDs of music and spoken word.



The Poet's Pen Volume 9 ~  "---"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book

Copy of ShaniHall (1).jpg

We welcome Shani Hall to the North Florida Poetry Hub, a poet, writer, artist and all-around multi-talented individual who pursues many paths of artistic expression.  

"My passion is sharing my stories with you through the swirls and twist of color from my brush, though the promises of delight capture by the shutter click, or though the birth of new worlds arranged by pen on paper - each representing a unique piece of my world for you to enjoy." 

Check out her website to pick up one of her latest books or published poems.



The Poet's Pen Volume 10 ~  "Reflections"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book

sharon in pink.bmp

    Sharon Scholl is a retired college teacher of humanities and contemporary world studies at Jacksonville University.  She is active as a musician and poet, having had a long tenure in church music.  She maintains a website of music and poetry suitable for liberal churches  (freeprintmusic.com) and creates choral compositions for the Soul Matters curriculum.

       Long active in Northeast Florida poetry circles, she convenes A Gathering of Poets twice a month at the Ponte Vedra libary and volunteers as editor for the Women Writing for (a) Change collective.  She has a book-sized collection, Timescape, and chapbooks Unauthorized Biographies, Summer's Child, and Seasons available via Amazon.com.



The Poet's Pen Volume 11 ~  "Unfluttered"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book


A happy and valued addition to the North Florida Poetry Hub membership base, Paula Veloso Babadi loves God, her family and words. She wrote her first poem, about hope, when she was eight. For many years her writing was dormant while she pursued a career in the health care industry after serving in the Navy Nurse Corps.  She is board Chairperson of the St. Johns Chapter of the Catholic Writers Guild (CWG), regular contributor to St. Joseph’s Reflections Magazine, past “Poet’s Voice” columnist and occasional guest writer for the Catholic Writers Guild blog.  Her book, "Everywhere Hope", captures life experiences and wraps them in a triple package of prose, poetry and pictures.  Her book can be found on Amazon. "Everyday Hope" awakens readers with uplifting and insightful stories and poems to rekindle the power and presence of hope in their daily lives. Eloquently written, this collection is a journey to be experienced more than once. Book #1 in the "Everywhere..." book series is disarmingly honest, emotionally accessible, and meant to be savored in all ages of life. Everywhere Hope delivers on its promise. 




Author, Poet, & Reverend





Poet – Educator – Man of Letters – Director


An artist and poet  -  In his words…..  “I am a Syrian refugee in Turkey.  Because of the ongoing, yet never-ending conflict in Syria, I may be destroyed but not defeated. Thus, I made my name as an international English teacher and a man of letters regardless of being displaced, homeless, and the boundless yet unlimited hurdles which I have, and still do encounter on a daily basis, yet I survive.”

Mehmet Güneş was recognized by the British Council in December 2011 and awarded a travel grant for artists under the British Council’s Arts Development Grants. He was nominated and awarded a scholarship for Jordan and Morocco under the Cultural Exchange agreement.  He has had his poetry published in The World’s Poetry Archive June 2011, Poetry Rivals Collection 2011- Words Everlasting in the United Kingdom. A poem read by 1 million people in North America. He published a research paper, "IS Shakespeare Shakespeare?" at the 11th Biannual Conference of The European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) in September of 2012.

Mehmet currently works at the Nineveh School in Ankara, Turkey, and is qualified to teach English and music both locally and internationally and has worked in the past for Sharp Entertainment as an Interpreter in New York, USA. He also does volunteer work for the Hope at Hand, Inc. non-profit organization in Jacksonville, Florida.   He has recently begun work as a director of art and cultural projects both nationally and internationally,  which is allowing him to work with people worldwide, of all nationalities, to include Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish, European and those of the US. 




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