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“I fell into art in the Spring of 2019 and began a journey of discovery, redefining myself apart from PTSD and anxiety. Every day I aspire to find or create something beautiful - building on moments to pull myself up and out of the traumas; a gossamer rope I weave from pain to promise.

My art springs from this sacred space when I shift perspectives. I am awakening into who I could be and how I might release the creativity still bound within me. This is my Resiliency Project. I invite the audience to delve beyond a first impression and engage with the images and stories driving each piece and especially each other…” -Laura Dill


Laura is an emerging Visual Artist and Writer working in acrylics, photography, mixed media, poetry, and essays. She is self-taught and her artworks reflect a broad range of expressions and subjects ranging from bold, vivid abstract paintings to capturing contemplative moments revealing the beauty and fragility of our world. She welcomes this once unimagined journey and finds her courage in all forms of art and nature, striving to heal, and transform through brush, pen, and lens.


Laura’s paintings, photography, poetry and writing have been published in multiple Anthologies and exhibited in Galleries throughout Jacksonville, NE FL Beaches and St. Augustine in Solo Exhibition, Juried Exhibitions, and in Downtown Jacksonville Public Art Projects. She has also exhibited and presented art and poetry internationally via virtual platforms and streamed performances. Her artworks, photography, writing, and poetry are preserved in the Stanford Permanent Archives and Florida State University Archives. 


Contact Laura for Signed, Limited Edition Photography, Poetry, original Paintings, and hand embellished Limited Edition Giclée’s or other artworks via email, phone or her website.     

904-343-5434 / 800-720-7065

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