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A happy and valued addition to the North Florida Poetry Hub membership base, Paula Veloso Babadi wrote her first poem, about hope, when she was eight. For many years her writing was dormant while she pursued a career in the health care industry after serving in the Navy Nurse Corps. She is active in the St. Johns Chapter of the Catholic Writers Guild (CWG), and occasional guest writer for the Catholic Writers Guild blog. Her book, "Everywhere Hope", captures life experiences and wraps them in a triple package of prose, poetry and pictures. It can be found on Amazon. Eloquently written, this collection is a journey to be experienced more than once. Book #1 in the "Everywhere..." book series is disarmingly honest, emotionally accessible, and meant to be savored in all ages of life. Her poems have appeared in several anthologies, magazines, and chapbooks, including her North Florida Poetry Hub Poets' Pen limited edition series "Unfluttered".

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