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Of Ruth Van Alstine

One of our North Florida Poetry Hub members, Ruth Van Alstine, has been writing poetry since a young age, and has seriously pursued a writing career for the past thirty years. She has been published in many national and international publications and anthologies, as well has published two books of poetry; Fairies and Fantasies in 1996 and Shattered Moonbeams in 2016. Her on-line blog features captivating and entertaining entries, a sampling of her poems, interesting articles and links to other informative and industry-relative sites. Check in regularly for updates to her blog and new postings of poems and other updates of articles and much more. Submissions to post your poems are also most welcome!



Sally Wahl Constain of Ponte Vedra is a valuable member of our chapter here at North Florida Poetry Hub.  She is an accomplished author and poet. Her background is that of an elementary school teacher and librarian in New York City for more than 30 years. She is also a valued member of the local literary scene, holding the position of president of the Writers Group at Del Webb, Ponte Vedra for the past three years, is a published author of several books to include "The Keys to Fanny", a work of historical fiction, a poetry chapbook, "Sometimes I Wonder", and her latest book released this past October, 2019 "Random Reflections", an anthology of essays and poems.



A happy and valued addition to the North Florida Poetry Hub membership base, Paula Veloso Babadi loves God, her family and words. She wrote her first poem, about hope, when she was eight. For many years, her writing was dormant while she pursued a career in the health care industry after serving in the Navy Nurse Corps.  She is board Chairperson of the St. Johns Chapter of the Catholic Writers Guild (CWG), regular contributor to St. Joseph’s Reflections Magazine, and past “Poet’s Voice” columnist and occasional guest writer for the CWG blog.  Her book, "Everywhere Hope", captures life experiences and wraps them in a triple package of prose, poetry and pictures.

Her book can be found on Amazon. "Everyday Hope" awakens readers with uplifting and insightful stories and poems to rekindle the power and presence of hope in their daily lives. Eloquently written, this collection is a journey to be experienced more than once. Book #1 in the "Everywhere..." book series is disarmingly honest, emotionally accessible, and meant to be savored in all ages of life. Everywhere Hope delivers on its promise.  

Everywhere Hope Today ~ Paula's Inspirational Blog

"Everywhere Hope" (Amazon Kindle Edition)


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