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Nuala Molloy-Moran


The Poet's Pen Volume 2 ~ "Out & About"

A Limited Edition Series Poetry Book

An accomplished Poet, writer, and songwriter joins us at North Florida Poetry Hub, Nuala Molloy Moran.  Visit her website "Pennydanger" to read some of her beautiful poetry.   From Nuala's words; "I'm a Poet, Writer, Artist. I grew up loving words and poetry. I like to write on a variety of subjects."  She also enjoys writing lyrics, taking photos, and creating art.

 Her lighthearted collection of poetry, “Lyrical Liaison’s” was published in 2007.  One of her poems, "For The Victims & Their Loved Ones”, inspired by the tragedy of September 11th, was featured in the Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale, 2011 in a special 10th Anniversary Edition the newspaper published.

In December 2020 Nuala's second book of poetry was published, "Out & About", which is a limited edition Volume 2 of "The Poet's Pen", a special publishing project supported by North Florida Poetry Hub for it's members and in collaboration with Rising Moon Press, it's publisher and editor. 

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