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Hi, my name is Cynthia Butler Jackson. My objective is to never become a victim nor be silenced again. I am a published out-of-the-box existentialist: writer; poet; spoken word Artist; history realist; and freedom activist, and I am also a humanitarian socially seeking ways to promote better well-being for myself as well all mankind without self-sacrificing…

Although my writings are viewed by some as out-of-the-box they’re also enthused by others as trauma-informed wisdom, a trove of jewels. Innate written and spoken to shine scintillate lights into dark places. My cache includes: A Mother’s Justice; Speak Sister; Now Go; Juneteenth Those Mirrored Chains; Before the Deities Famine; Sweet Naomi; Branches of Sweet Naomi; The Waymaker; Something About Black; The Soul Of My feet; He Thinks He Knows Me; Letter To My Younger Soul “We Are Free; A Piece Of You, A Child Place; This is About More than Hair and Lip Stick; Take Up Your Bed, My Darling Dears, and Windows With No Innuendos, just to name a few.
You can also find my writings and posts on

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Ms. Cynthia Butler Jackson: Project
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