100,000 Poets For Change Open Mic ~

“Positive Change: Rising From Unprecedented Times”


September 9, 2020 7 – 9 pm

Calling All Poets, Writers, Musicians & Artists:

Please join us for a special Open Mic virtual event sponsored by the North Florida Poetry Hub, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 100 Thousand Poets for Change by sharing your best polished poetry, prose, music or art with the theme of Positive Change: Rising from Unprecedented Times.

Your presentation should be influenced from world events related to global COVID-19 crisis, political/social issues, war, violation of human rights, ecocide, racism, genocide, gender inequality, homelessness, the lack of affordable medical care, police brutality, religious persecution, poverty, censorship, animal cruelty, human condition, or topics relative therein. This will be an evening for focusing on the positive narrative; insight, lessons, and hope with the purpose of unfolding positive change, or along those themes.

Bring your words, music, art, your passion to share with and uplift our community with like-minded friends, both old and new.

All are welcome. This is an all-inclusive, free event. We ask only that your work be original, polished poetry or short prose (does not have to be newly written) and family-friendly. Five (5) minutes per presenter. This is a Zoom virtual event. RSVP Facebook event page



Final Lineup:

1.   Sally Wahl-Constain  -  Ponte Vedra, FL 
2.   Pat Krause -  Ponte Vedra, FL 
3.   Loretta Leto - St Augustine, FL 
4.   Laura Dill & Art - Jacksonville, FL 
5.   Goliath Flores - Musician - Jacksonville, FL 
6.   Shutta Crum - Ann Arbour, MI 
7.   Wendy Thornton - Gainesville, FL 
8.   Victoria Mullins - Ormond Beach, FL 
9.   Chris Kastle - Musician St Augustine, FL 
10.  Shani Hall – Jacksonville, FL 
11.  Ruth Van Alstine & Art - Jacksonville, FL





Songs On the Road to Sustainability ~  Making and performing music for a living has been extraordinarily challenging in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For a  musician who once thrived in my region, and a single father of two small children, this pandemic has changed just about every aspect of my family's lives. For the past twenty years I’ve performed weekly, from public places to settings as intimate as the bedsides of hospital patients. Playing and teaching music is how I serve humanity best. With COVID-19 opportunity for performance has vanished, and my industry is largely on hold.

Highway Troubadour will allow me to give back to society by performing monthly benefit concerts for families negatively affected by the pandemic. I am also going to produce a year long podcast series in which I investigate sustainable ways of living as a traveling musician. I’ll interview experts such as engineers, urban planners, and horticulturalists with the intention of illuminating actionable ideas, in depth, for a sustainable future and resilient infrastructure throughout society.

I strive to live every day with integrity, and pride myself on being someone whom neither time nor money is wasted on. Music sustains us all, and with your help Highway Troubadour will be launched in a world that could use more song for healing, and actionable knowledge to fortify our future.      


Emerging Artist / Poet

A long-time photographer, Laura began her artist journey only since the beginning of 2019, experimenting in acrylics and mixed media, but quickly became recognized as a very talented artist.  Since then she has gone onto success in selling her paintings in many venues, among them the Jax Beach Summer Arts Market in 2019.  

Her renown grew and in February 26, 2020 Laura had her first Art Gallery Show at the Grune Family Gallery with Players by the Sea Theater, and recently June through August of this summer she has been featured in the Virtual on-line Art Exhibition “Where The Wild Women Go” in the Femart Gallery here in our very own Jacksonville, Florida.  Early this summer she discovered a new passion; poetry and has joined the North Florida Poetry Hub for new adventures in artistic expression and has shown herself to be just as talented in the craft of the pen as the brush.   

Contact Laura directly via her Facebook page to learn more about opportunities to view and purchase her art and poetry.



Singer - Storyteller - Writer - Poet

Chris Kastle is an award winning singer, storyteller, songsmith, author, artist and educator from St. Augustine, Florida.  

Chris was presented with the Annette J. Bruce Lifetime Achievement Award by the Florida Storytelling Association and is the author of the critically acclaimed book of short stories, “From the Icy Fingers of the Deep,” as well as three CDs of music and spoken word.   

Visit her website


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North Florida Poetry Hub is a chapter of the Florida State Poets Association and was created by the local nonprofit Hope at Hand, Inc. to support and help the arts flourish for poets, writers and lovers of all things poetic and artistic in the North Florida region.

POETRY. WELLNESS. HOPE ~  Hope At Hand is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides art and poetry sessions to vulnerable and at-risk youth populations. Using creativity, language, art and therapeutic approaches, we facilitate healing and personal growth for children and adolescents.  



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